Cost of a Website in Kenya in 2024

Cost of a website in Kenya

In this era, having a website for your business, organization, or brand is one of the best business moves one can make. The cost of a website in Kenya depends on several factors which include the type of website, features, and web hosting.

There are various types of websites which include: Basic Website (Portfolio Website), Business Website, eCommerce Website, NonProfit (NGO/CBO) Website, Blogs, Event Websites, Personal Website, Blogs, Informational Website, Membership Website, and Online Forums among others.

The cost of a website in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 15,000 for a Basic Website to more than Ksh. 100,000 for a Corporate Website depending on the number of pages, functionality, content, and other features.

You can order great website design services at Online Molen by contacting us on 0728 569 060.

One of the main factors that affect the cost of a website is the type of web hosting where it can be shared hosting, VPS (virtual private server), dedicated, or cloud hosting. Shared hosting is the most affordable but only suitable for small and medium-sized websites.

You can learn more about our web design services in Kenya here including cost for various types of websites.

If you are wondering what is hosting, any website must be hosted on some servers which are powerful equipment that store websites and the data contained on the site including all the content, images, and videos.

If you are opening a website in Kenya, at Online Molen we usually recommend Bluehost for the best and most affordable hosting services and also HostPinnacle.

Below we are going to discuss different types of websites and the respective website design cost in Kenya. The costs are based on what we usually charge here at an Online Molen where we offer unbeatable, very competitive, and best web design prices in Kenya.

 Various Types of Websites and their Cost in Kenya

Type of Website


Cost in Kenya


Business Website

  • Several responsive pages

  • SSL certificate (secure)

  • Proffessional emails

  • Basic SEO

  • Mobile responsive

Ksh. 15,000 - Ksh. 35000

eCommerce Website

  • Products catalogue

  • Shopping cart

  • Checkout

  • Payment gateway

  • SSL certificate

  • Basic SEO

  • Google My Business Listing

Ksh. 30000 - Ksh. 200,000


  • 1- 5 pages

  • SSL

  • Mobile responsive

  • Content (charged separately)

Ksh. 10000 - Ksh. 25000

NonProfit Website

  • Several pages

  • Donate payment gateway

  • SSL secure

Ksh. 18,000 - Ksh. 50,000

Cost of a Website in Kenya

  1. Business Website Cost in Kenya

A business website is a site used to showcase a service or product. It has sections and pages that display and describe what one is selling or services being offered.

Its features allow the owner to make money directly on the website. An example of a business website designed by Online Molen in Kenya is our very own website (

Business website cost in Kenya

The cost of a business website in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 15,000 to Ksh. 35000 depending on the number of pages and other features. You can contact an Online Molen representative on 0728 569060 (call/text/WhatsApp) or email for a free consultation on web design cost.

If you have been wondering how much does it cost to build a website for a small business in Kenya, I believe now you have an idea.

  1. eCommerce Website cost in Kenya

An eCommerce website is basically an online store that is designed to allow someone or a business to sell products. It usually consists of a product catalogue (to display products), a shopping cart, and checkout features.

An eCommerce website allows the user to set and change prices and also add or remove products in the future depending on their inventory. This website can be for a small business (selling less than 30 products) or a large eComm store selling thousands of products.

An example of an eCommerce website that was designed and built by us is . This is a leading phone accessories website. We also design website with Kenya shillings as the currency not just foreign currency. You can check out our shop page as a sample.

Gardget eCommerce website design

Gardget website products page


The eCommerce website price in Kenya usually depends on the number of products (scale) and typically ranges from Ksh. 30,000 (for small shops with fewer products) to more than Ksh. 100,000 for very large stores.  You can order your eCommerce website here.

Do you want to have an eCommerce website? Talk to our web design representative on 0728569060 (call/text/what or email for a free consultation.

Here at Online Molen, we have some of the best eCommerce website developers in Kenya. We have built some top e commerce websites in Kenya which we have outlined in our portfolio.

  1. Nonprofit Website cost in Kenya

A nonprofit website is a site that is similar to a business website but usually describes a nonprofit organization (NGO) or a community-based organization (CBO) and all its initiatives.

This type of website usually includes showcases the activities of the organization, a gallery of past events, and usually has a donate button. It is meant to promote a certain cause. Other types of nonprofit websites include church websites, learning institutions, and petition websites.

The cost of a non-profit website in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 18,000 to Ksh. 50,000 depending on the scale of the organization. That is the website cost in Kenya for a non-profit website.

An example of a nonprofit website we have built is We can design something similar (not the same) or even better for you. Just talk to us.

Nonprofit website price in Kenya

If you have started and/ or running a cause, a nonprofit website is highly recommended to let more people across the world know about your initiative and attract supporters for a bigger impact. Talk to our web design representative on 0728569060 (call/text/WhatsApp) or email for a free consultation on nonprofit websites.

You can order your NGO website here at Online Molen at the best cost in Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and other African countries.

  1. Blog cost in Kenya

Blogs are the other common types of websites that allow one to create and display long-form content around a certain niche or topic to inform people or just entertain. They are mainly made up of articles (posts) and images and examples include travel, technology, and lifestyle blogs.

In recent years, blogs have captured a big portion of the internet and people are making a good sum of money on their blogs. As Online Molen we own a couple of blogs plus niche websites and also help people build successful niche websites that make money from Jumia, Amazon, Ezoic, and Google Adsense.

Designing a blog is usually very affordable and the cost usually ranges from Ksh. 9500 upwards. The majority of the cost in blogging goes to content creating content.

An example of a blog we have designed is This is a technology blog that covers gadgets.

Blog cost in Kenya

The above are the website design Kenya prices which vary from ksh. 10,000 to Ksh. 100,000. The prices depend on the type of website and features.

We highly recommend you consider starting a blog today and optimize using SEO and generate a passive income every month. You can take our Niche Websites Training Course at Online Molen that shows you step by step how to build blogs that generate hundreds of thousands every month. You can also talk to our blogging representative on 0728569060 (call/text/Whatsapp) or email for a free consultation.

I hope I have answered your question on how much does it cost to create a website in Kenya. The easiest option to get your website created by professionals at

Alternatives to paid websites are free websites in Kenya which include Blogger, Weebly, Yola, Google My Business, and Strikingly among others. The majority of these are known as Web 2.0s and are not recommended for someone who wants a professional website.


How much does a website cost per month?

The monthly cost of having a website in Kenya is between Ksh. 250 to about Ksh. 17,000 per month depending on the hosting used and whether the website has a monthly maintenance fee. Web hosting and domain are usually paid once per year. Website maintenance is usually paid every month to the web developer/ designer.

What is the ecommerce website price in Kenya?

The price of an ecommerce in Kenya starts at Ksh. 30,000 for a small shop selling than 20 products. The more the products to be uploaded on the the online shop, the higher the cost.

What is the normal cost for a website?

The normal cost of a website in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 13,000 upwards depending on design and features.

What is the website maintenance cost in Kenya?

The web website maintenance cost in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 6000 per month upwards depending on the scope of work. You can discuss with a web designer like Online Molen about your website needs and budget.


Closing Remarks

This guide was meant to help anyone who was wondering how much does it cost to create a website in Kenya. I believe it was helpful and now you have an idea of how much it will cost you to have your own website.

It is evident that having a website in Kenya has become very affordable due to advancements in technology unlike before. One can also see that having a website is very essential as more and more people in Africa are searching for products and services online and buying.

You can see that the cost of a website in Kenya varies depending on the type of website and other factors outlined above. The above is also the website cost in Nairobi where it varies from Ksh. 10,000 to Ksh. 100,000 depending on type of website.

If you still can’t decide what type of website you want and/ or wondering what the cost will be, talk to us at Online Molen and we will be more than happy to guide you.

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