How to Choose a Web Designer in Kenya

how to choose a web designer

To have the assurance of getting the best website, hiring a professional web designer is very important. This begs the question of how to choose a web designer in Kenya. While there are many web designers in Kenya, only a select few that can be dubbed as the best.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Designer in Kenya

There are several factors to consider when looking for website design services in Kenya. Here are some pointers that will ensure you acquire the best website designer for a guarantee of top-notch website you are yearning for:

1. Check out Google Reviews

Do you want to know how reputable and reliable a website designer is? Taking time to explore the google reviews is a good starting point.

Google reviews present an up-to-date perspective of a website designer through customer rating. Subsequently, you can make an informed decision based on customer’s testimonials and their online reputation. As an example, you can check out Online Molen’s Google Reviews here.

2. Check Web Designer’s Portfolio

Portfolio means a great deal when it comes to choosing a web designer in Kenya. A good website designer should have a professional portfolio with a display of their website design projects and perhaps a customer testimonial section.

how to choose a web designer

Other than quality assurance, in a well-crafted portfolio you can locate websites similar to what you want. Take your time to examine a portfolio to ensure that the selected website designer will cater to your requirements satisfactory.

You can view Online Molen’s websites portfolio here.

3. Website Support and Customer Support

Website Support and customer support is an important factor to consider before choosing a website designer in Kenya. Some service providers provide substandard customer support, rendering the entire process frustrating and exhausting.

As such, it is important to choose a brand that offers full time customer support to avoid inconveniences. Seamless engagements throughout the process ensures that your requirements are fully met.

Online Molen offers free 4 months website support and full time customer support. After 4 months the customer can discuss with us about a small monthly maintenance fee. That is one of the reasons we are one of the best web designers in Kenya.

4. Website Design Packages Prices

However, you cut it, price is an important factor to consider when choosing website designer. While premium packages are often deemed as quality assurance, this is not necessarily true.

There several web designers that deliver quality work at affordable rates including some freelance web designer.

If you are wondering how much does a website designer cost in the Kenya,  the amount ranges from Ksh 15,000 to 50,000 depending on the type of website.  You can view our web design cost in Kenya here for various types of websites.

At Online Molen, we offer very affordable web design services yet very high quality to the extent of some people telling us we are charging cheap for what we offer. You can contact us on 0728569060 to order any type of website.

These factors are crucial in choosing a web designer in Kenya. Besides, it is also worthwhile to engage several web designers before making the final decision. This an ideal opportunity to examine their professionalism such as the web designer’s communication skills and also familiarity with a similar project.

5. SEO skills

It is also very important to consider the SEO skills of the web designer. SEO has become is very important aspect of every website so that the website can rank on search engines and bring new customers.

Such SEO parameters as image optimization and page speed loading are very important to any website. You can find some web designers do  not optimize images which ends slowing down a website affecting the user experience as well as performance on Google.

Engage the web designer and ask them if they offer SEO services and some the the things they observe. At Online Molen we offer very effective SEO services and some of our clients have gained thousands of clients through this strategy.

Closing Remarks

I believe you are no longer wondering how to choose a web designer in Kenya. If you follow the above steps you will be in a better position to choose the best web designer.


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